August 24, 2008


im going to be in the LEO this week. wish me luck.


August 10, 2008

my new kitten


sometimes i wonder why i became an artist. is it because i feel the need to create, is it some narcissistic need i have to make people and think that other need or want to hear/see my thoughts or is it some inner need to be abused by others and/or be poor.

maybe its all three.

August 08, 2008


August 04, 2008

two ideas

work 001] endurance work for dancing

in this work ill explorre not only my own body, but other people
expectations of what a body like mine can and cannot do. between two
set times for around 3 or so hours i will dance almost nonstop. the
music will mostly be 80s and 90s dance music, i will be dressed in a
suit, and the dance floor will be constructed out of a large rug. the
work will be documented and then projected in the room that the work
was performed in.

work 002] all your questions will be answered version two

in this work i will be doing a live version of a web work that i did
that involved me answering any question no matter how personal or
mundane that people had either about being disabled or about anything
at all. the live version of this work will involve me sitting behind a
desk in a mostly empty room every work day of the week for 15 business
days. again i will be in a suit, ill be sitting behind a standard
desk, and the questions and answers will be documented and placed
either on the wall/s of the room or archived in a data bases that will
be available to the public.