February 29, 2008

im typing this on my new imac.


February 24, 2008

Thaniel Ion Lee

All Your Questions Will Be Answered
And Other Works

March 8th to April 8th 2008

Swanson Reed Contemporary and the Center Of Conceptual Art (COCA) would like to present an online exhibit of four new works, plus one recently expanded piece by Thaniel Ion Lee. The works in this show range from both continually changing interactive text-based works to sound and video based concepts. The exhibit may be perceived at . A location and date for a reception will be announced on the website at a later date.

February 22, 2008

congradulations jaime and allan

Nina Cecile Devine
February 18, 2008 @ 12:28 PM
7 lbs. & 11 oz.

February 20, 2008

February 18, 2008

work of the week

wall painting for hands

  1. lightly draw a rectangle that is 16 feet in length and 10 and a half feet in height

  2. paint the area with matte blackboard paint

  3. allow to dry

  4. using white chalk and starting from the top left [your left] corner trace your left hand, and next to it trace your right hand

  5. repeat instruction number four until the entire area is gridded with tracings of your hands

  6. fill in the tracings of the hands with a glossy black paint

  7. allow to dry

  8. remove the chalk lines

digital sketch for a painting 2

knowledge is safety


i finally figured out the bcc setting on gmail such an idiot sometimes lol

digital sketch for a painting

white light

i know i said i was going to stop painting and focus on conceptual works, but i have a back log of ideas for paintings, and i think i should finish them before i start on anything new. plus i like this work and id like to see it made.

people i like Anselm Kiefer


i would like to do an art show in which i e-mail a file to the gallery and the gallery prints out the contents of the file on a standard printer or burns the media file [.wav or .avi] onto a cdr and plays the file on a cd/dvd player. this show will consist of 21 pdf files and maybe 2 wav or avi files, and i would email the place that the show will be a standard compressed file or i will set up a place on my website in which the show could be downloaded . i would like to do the very late this year or early next, but before i do the work i would like to find a place that may be interested in showing said show/works.

your fellow artist/friend
thaniel ion lee

February 17, 2008

artistic suicide

i think im going to stop making objects for awhile and focus on purely conceptual, and computer based works. it isn't that i feel that the creation of objet d'art and other things that can be easily sold is holding me down or going out of style i just feel that i should focus on something that i can do without help, or financial and/or spacial constraints. this direction might be artistic suicide on my part because the last time i checked my area of the world is not a hot bed of conceptual art, and i am pretty sure that it will make it even harder for me to get into group shows and collections, but i must do what i feel is best for my current situation.


nineteen days to my next show. yep, and im only 60percent done with it.

February 14, 2008

works i like

Chris Burden during the performance of his 1974 piece Trans-fixed where he was nailed to the hood of a Volkswagen

i wish i could do something

February 10, 2008

Work by someone i know / work i like

Russel Hulsey
Gandhi Bleeding, 2005
charcoal, graphite, acrylic paint on paper
50 x 40 inches
Collection of Patrick Stallard

February 05, 2008


today im going to start working on my new music project......anyone want to help.



this might be a tad too much TMI, but i haven't been in a intimate relationship with a woman in over two years, and its really starting to affect my self-esteem. i don't think its the lack of sex thats getting to me... i think its the sensation that i might never feel the touch of a woman again, and that maybe im set up to be be alone.

id would like to get married before im 35.[ ill be 32 in june]., but as i get older it seams like that dream/goal is getting more and more impossible, and i hate to use that word, but lets say i met a woman tomorrow...we would have to fall in love, get to know each other, live together for at least 1 year, and then get married in under 3 years..

I Am Making Art by John Baldessari

for some odd reason the work of baldessari has always fascinated me. i think his work intrigues the dry humor side of my mind, and if you know me you know i love dry humor. plus as you can see from the video hes not the most attractive artist , and he gives hope to all of us odd looking artists from around the way.

photos from my split with paul nuefelder

nicolas lyford-pike and his mother

jim nulty the CEO of VSA Indiana and I

jim nulty and I again

paul nuefelder and his mother

February 03, 2008

Philip Glass - Sesame Street (extended cut)

go to this

work of the week....Untitled Work For Gray Chalk Dust

  1. lightly draw a rectangle on the floor that is 1/3rd longer then you are tall and double the width that you are wide

  2. cover the area that you traced with a fine coating of powdered gray chalk

  3. starting at one end slowly walk bare foot through the center of the rectangle

  4. sit silently

Hermaphrodites In Wheelchairs

Have you ever noticed that the same universal symbol for accessibility is on both the male and female bathrooms and that this icon is used to represent both sexes of people with disabilities? This hermaphroditic symbol is usually placed standing near the universality accepted icons for male or female, and no matter who or what it stands near is always depicted the same way. although we are aware that this stand in for a person with a physical complication represents that the bathroom or changing room may or may not be accessible sometimes I wonder if our subconscious views it differently and that it may actually represent the view point of our society the persons with different physical needs are entities that are neither male nor female.

In my opinions this icon is no longer necessary in indoor contexts. The Americans with disabilities act of 1990 made it so that most public buildings must either be built to certain standards or they should be upgraded to the standards set by the act, and that the fact that this hermaphroditic icon is used at all in my opinion shows that we as a culture are not taking the issues surrounding the disabled rights movement seriously. For example in my life I have noticed that most rooms that they put this symbol near or on are barely usable buy persons like my self and that this icon is purely used as a way to show that the area in question has an area dedicated for wheelchair users. The doors of theses rooms are usually no more or less usable than most doors in the building, and that in most cases the dedicated stall in the bathroom is the only stall in the room and this in turn makes the fact that they feel the need to show that the room has an accessible toilet or sink unnecessary, and redundant.

I would like to propose that we as a culture rid our selves of this icon, that we start taking the Americans with disabilities act seriously and start actually making buildings accessible, because no amount of symbolism will make a structure wheelchair friendly, and if an entry point or part of a construction is usable by everyone that this fact will be obvious by the users of the building.

In conclusion I would like to state that unless a room or door is to be used only by hermaphrodites in wheelchairs that the universal accessibility icon should never be used in any in door context, that we as a society start taking our anti-discrimination laws seriously, and that we should encourage both architects and the people that commission both governmental and corporate buildings to design buildings that have no need for these useless icon.

- thaniel ion lee

works by people i know

Nico Jorcino

Life Cycle

Mixed media kinetic sculpture
Collection of Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson

work i like of the week 001

Encaustic on newspaper and cloth over canvas surmounted by four tinted-plaster faces in wood box with hinged front.


hello my name is thaniel ion lee, and im an artist from the states. im currently looking for a group or split show in europe. you can see my art at .

my artist statement is below

My work is about my life as a person with a disability, I use both humor and seriousness as away of dissecting and examining the world in which both you and I live in. I frequently cite and use history, my personal life and the experiences of others as a means of questioning and re-examining our societies view point on the concept that is normalcy.

white on white paintings

Im thinking about doing a series of white on white paintings. I’ve been looking as jasper johns gray works and using a muted coloration has been looking more appealing to me as of late. I wish I could write more, but im getting sleepy.