February 05, 2008


this might be a tad too much TMI, but i haven't been in a intimate relationship with a woman in over two years, and its really starting to affect my self-esteem. i don't think its the lack of sex thats getting to me... i think its the sensation that i might never feel the touch of a woman again, and that maybe im set up to be be alone.

id would like to get married before im 35.[ ill be 32 in june]., but as i get older it seams like that dream/goal is getting more and more impossible, and i hate to use that word, but lets say i met a woman tomorrow...we would have to fall in love, get to know each other, live together for at least 1 year, and then get married in under 3 years..


Devorella said...

What's so magical about 35?

Thaniel said...

im not just seamed like a good year at the time. ive changed my mind sence then.