January 10, 2011

First Update of the year from thaniel

dear everyone

this is the first update in awhile, and the first update of the year. this year i already have two shows scheduled, and im working on three others. the first show of the year will be a group show in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, the show is called Resound, and it will be the first time i have shown any of my sound art, and the second scheduled in showing of my work will be a NTY split show with my good friend maiza hixson. my end of the show will consist of around 15 drawings and other works i have constructed over the last year and a half, and will be my first serious showing of my non-conceptual work/drawings i have done in over 5 years.
 im also working on a short book of drawings that will hopefully be available this june. it will consist of around 30 drawings plus some text, and will be in an edition of 50, and one of my drawings will be on the LP version of a record by the band soft cheque. also.....people have been ask me to talk about/show people how i make my work so i decided to make this video

the dates of the showings are
 O3/2011 Resound Festival Various locations,Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
O6/2011 Split With Maiza Hixson Swanson Reed Contemporary, Louisville KY

January 09, 2011

January 03, 2011

dear friends

odd question to my non-louisville based friends......can i do an ART show of my drawings in your or where ever i can this summer........july...august. contact me if i can.