June 02, 2008

june update

its been awhile sense the last monthly update, so this one will be a
tad longer than the ussual one.

1] i recently change the front of my web page, and i changed the index
to a different type of index. so if it doesnt work for your browser
please tell me asap. so far it works fine on safari, and firefox, but
im not sure how it looks on netscape or opera.

2] im currently type setting a chap book of myinstructional based
works. the booklet will have works 1 - 20 in it and be in an edition
of 75. each copy will be hand/mouth signed and numbered. im currently
taking pre-orders so if you would like on please get in touch. the
pre-order cost is 10 dollars ppd, and all pre-orders will come with a
random sketch/photograph.

3] it looks like i will be doing a split show next year. it will be in
the spring, and the other artist is on this list.  [the split has become a group]

4] im turning 32 on june 13th of this year, and i will hopefully be
have my yearly get together a a not yet disclosed place in
kentuckiana. if you would like an invite please get in touch.

-thaniel ion lee

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