January 24, 2009

25 random things about thaniel

1. even though i grew up disabled and around the disabled...i personally cant stand most disabled people.

2. my most fulfilling non-sexual emotional relationships with people of the opposite sex have been with married women, and lesbians.

3. ive only had one one night stand

4. i cant stand most men below the age of 27..even when i was below the age of 27. i still couldn't stand most of them.

5. i secretly want to move to either san fran, philly, or chicago, and think i would be happier far away from everyone i know.

6. i personally don't think im a very good artist, and im always surprised when people like what i make or say. ive always made art because if i didn't make explode.

7. im a very bad speller.

8. i hate the word experimental, and every time an artist uses that word to describe the stuff they make...its always boring as all out.

9. my biggest fear in life is that i will die without ever getting married.

10. even though i consider myself to be an agnostic. i cannot stand it when people make fun of christians/religious people.

11. ive always wanted to make a pop band.

12. i didnt lose my virginity til i was 27

13. my other big fear is that i might have a mental illness that will cause me to have an irreversible nervous break down.

14. i hate most artist i know

15. im afraid of small dogs

16. even though i consider myself straight, and dont find men sexually attractive . i have found myself emotionally attracted to at least 3 men in my life.

17. ive always wanted to be a landscape painter.

18. i hate computers.

19. i can in some way or form remember every conversation i have ever had.

20. i love liver and onions, and would have it once a week if i could.

21. for some odd reason i never became emotionally attached to my grand parents , and i dont know why.

22. i want to go to poland.

23. my favorite song is tiny dancer by elton john

24. i recently forgot the sound of my fathers voice, and that scares me.

25. i have religiously worked on art for at least one hour a day since i was 20 years old, but very little of it i consider viewable/listenable.


Jim said...

That's pretty honest. Brutally honest in fact.

I can relate to several of those "things" you've listed.

Thaniel said...