December 26, 2010

21 Things about thaniel ion lee

21 Things about thaniel ion lee

did you know............

001]...that I wasnt suppose to live past the age of 5, and if I did I would have been deaf and blind.

002] that when I was 14 years old I was forced to take a test, and the test said that I had the brain of a 20 year old

003] that when I was in the 7th grade I won a calender contest, but they couldnt use my painting because it had too much detail.

004] that I could have got married when I was 27 years old

005] that I took a solo train trip to Nebraska

006] that excluding 1 ½ years of living with my mom after my dad died, and having a roommate for 3 years....i have pretty much lived by myself since 2001

007] that I have shown my art in Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, DC, Louisville, and various other places in my life

008] that I was phone interviewed by an online art magazine based out of the Czech republic, and have been in art blogs based out of Italy, Canada, and the UK, and as I was writing this post I got an email that said im currently in an art blog/magazine based out of Chile

009] I once got 20 free frames from polaroid....they gave them to me, because they liked my work.

010] that I have been in and done 7 solo shows, 4 split shows, and 17 group shows since the year 2000, and ill be in at least 3 more next year

011] ive been told that im a good kisser/lover

012] that I have and still occasionally do teach art classes to children and other people with special needs

013] that other than the standard basic artistic training everyone who was/is an art major ability to draw with my mouth is self-taught

014] that I type with a stick in my mouth

015] I have release recordings on cdr/cassette labels based out of norway, america and germany.

016] I was on a compilation that included chumbawamba

017] that I could talk in full sentences at the age of 2

018] that im going to be in a group show in the UK next year

019] that I have been in various bands/sound projects

20] that I have been on the board of three non-profits, and was the president of IUS's disabled students union.

21] that I gave my sister away at her wedding


22] im pretty good cook. 

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Cape Coop said...

Very cool information, Thaniel!